Ryan's Interests & Hobbies


I guess this is a pretty general term that covers a lot of areas, but the truth is I'm interested in many different areas of Technology. I love both the hardware and software side of computers. I've both written programs and built and expanded my own Machines. I love the internet and the World Wide Web and seeing how it has impacted and continues to impact our world. It's like another great revolution, easily comparable to the industrial revolution if you ask me. What about wireless technolgy, cell phones, PDA's, etc., etc. Then you have all the advances in the Biomedical industry. The reality of the bionic man is quickly approaching. What about artificial intelligence, advances in robotics, and the coupling of the two together. The Genome project, Mission to Mars, there are so many incredibly interesting and exciting things. My hope is that I will become completely involved in all of these advances and throughout my lifetime make contributions to these achievements. I long to invent, to create, and to have a positive affect on the world around me.

Classic Cars:

As with many men from the Mid-West, I've always had a passion for classic muscle cars. Especially the ones from my father's era. My father once owned a 68 Dodge Charger. It was red with a black vinyl top, rally wheels, 383 4 barrel, 3 speed automatic on the floor with a black interior. I've been on the search for one like it since I was a teenager, and planned to purchase one in hopes that I might restore it and give it to my father to take care of in his retirement. Well, I found one in Detroit early May of 2001, and with my dad's help, I bought it. You can check it out here.

I also own an '87 Monte Carlo SS, all black with T-tops. This car is not yet a classic, but I plan to restore it as someday soon it will be.


In my Sr. year at college, much to my mother's dismay, I learned how to snowboard and quickly became addicted to the sport. I purchased a Burton Supermodel 174 used via Ebay, as well as some Clicker SST Bindings. Boots were a little harder to find, but thanks to the wonders of the internet I tracked down what I believe was the last pair for K2 Clicker Ace's, size 13's, in the country. The were in a little shop in Spokane, WA and the owner was real nice and shipped them all the way to me in OH. So, snowboarding has been my passion the past few winters. In 2001 I spent one day on Spirit Mtn. in MN, then 5 days in Salt Lake City over New Years, and a weekend at Snowshoe Mtn. in West Virginia. My final trip for the season was a days worth of runs on Wachussetts Mtn. about an hour west of Boston, MA. Unfotunately, 2002 was a pretty warm year, so there wasn't much snow around to ride on, but I did make a trip to The Wisp in Maryland with my Youth Group.


Who doesn't love music? I've never met anyone who doesn't. Sure there are differences in preferences for genres, but other than that, music is an integral part of our lives. The same goes for me. I listen to all kinds of music. Rock, Pop, R&B, Jazz, Classical, Dance, House, Electronic, and even Country. There isn't much that I don't like. In fact, I have almost 4000 songs stored on my computer in mp3 format. I love mp3's. Sure the quality is worse, but the convenience is amazing. Most of my mp3's are ripped from CD's I already own though, so don't get on my case about stealing music.

Unlike all other people though, I also like to play music and sing. I taught myself how to play the guitar starting my freshman year in College and I am still learning. I really love it and I also love to sing, so the two go hand in hand. Currently I do mostly covers but I have recently started to write my own. I aspire to one day make a living this way, and maybe even become a star, but mostly I use my guitar and my singing abilities as a release and as a means to make others and myself happy.

Speaking of singing, I also love to do that by itself. In fact, I am a fill in for my church's praise and worship group, "Spirit Song", whenever they need me. I also did some freelance A Cappella with some friends of mine her in OH, and semi-professional A Cappella in college.


I know what you are thinking, "A guy who likes to dance, there must be something wrong with him". Well, I'll leave that for you do decide, but was there something wrong with Fred Astaire or John Travolta? Again, your call. At any rate, I have spent much of my life on the dance floor. My mother has always been very good about teaching me all that she knows and my parents both love to dance as well. I've been known to Waltz and Polka, but my favorite has to be Swing. Especially the Jitterbug, which I have yet to learn but is my new focus. I'm not limited to those formal dances though. I can bump and grind with the best and even cut a rug with a little break dancing and some Michael Jackson, James Brown esqe moves. Unlike most white people, I do have rhythm. And, of course, I've even been known to strap on some boots and a cowboy hat to do some Country Line Dancing and Two Stepping.