Ryan J. Anderson

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38184 55th Ave. Wahkon, MN 56386

– 330.327.9013



A leadership position with opportunities to work hands-on with a team of talented individuals to create and develop innovative product and process solutions for high profile, challenging projects, which will have a significant impact on the companies bottom-line.



      Renewable Energy Production, Biomedicine, Manufacturing or Consumer Products

Location: Minnesota



MIT - Cambridge, MA - BSME, June 1999
Thesis:                    Low Cost Human Powered Transportation Machine for Nepal

Focused Study:       Environmental Ecology, Product Design, Economics,

Lean-Manufacturing & Six Sigma Processes


Work Experience

The Timken Company - Canton, OH – June 1997 to Present


Managed two year Design for Six Sigma project to invent and outsource methods for manufacture and gauging of large industrial bearing retainers.  Successfully developed and applied supplier cutting and forming technologies and implemented simple, robust retainer gauging methods.

- $1.5 million in captured sales at 45% margin in the first 12 months

- 50% reduction in prototype and production order lead times

- An increase in size capability from 40” to 54” OD

- An increase in product value and quality


Leader of project to develop solution for automation of bearing heat treatment processes.  Successfully designed system and applied robotic, conveyor and control systems.

- 20% increase in productivity

- 66% reduction in labor costs

- Flexible process that could accommodate a diverse range of parts

- No part specific tooling


Engineered a low cost solution to decrease bottleneck cycle time for an automotive production line.  Redesigned robot end effector, performed the installation of the new components and reprogrammed the robot.

- 2 second reduction in cycle time to 14 seconds

- 15% increase in output, about 280,000 more pieces per year

Personal Project Portfolio:

M Prix 3

Multimedia PC System Installed in 1996 Grand Prix

Nepal Transporter – BSME Thesis Project

Human Powered High Tension Cable Vehicle

Antique John Deere Tractor Restorations

1941 John Deere H

1938 John Deere B

Trash It

Automotive Console Trash Compactor

Amy Lynn

Ballastable Floating Dock for Pond




Project Management, Team Leadership, Machine Shop Proficiencies, Mechanics, Robotics, Programming, CAD/CAM Applications, Product & Process Design, Proficient Computer Software, Hardware, & Networking Skills



Volunteer Activities:

Mechanical Engineering Explorers Program - Coordinator/Instructor 2003

William H. Spurgeon, III award Recipient

Church: Youth Leader, Council Member, Sunday School Teacher, Confirmation Leader, Audio/Visual Technician, Webmaster, Computer Tech & Network Administrator

Vocalist & Guitarist for Contemporary Worship Group, "Spirit Song"




Computer Networking, Web Page Development, Online Sales & Purchasing Liaison          

Snowboarding, Snowmobiling, Mountain Biking, Lifting Weights

Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica, Singer & Songwriter